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General Information
Where is it?

The Republica Oriental del Uruguay is situated in South America, has frontier up on the north and on the east with Brazil, and on the west with Argentina while on the southeast the Atlantic Ocean.

Its name comes from the guarani language and means “river of the painted birds”. It is the second smallest nation of South America and is one of the most stable considering the political and economical facts.

The official language is Spanish.
Mapa Uruguay
Tourism in Uruguay

Uruguay is a country where you will find quiet and friendly people, where colour and fun are part of the routine, where people enjoy cultural, artistic and sportive activities.
To discover the beauty of this small country, reflect of its privileged nature, you just need to go round and see the spectacle of its landscapes.

In Uruguay there is a wide range of variety and excursions all along the year. In summer, Punta del Este is just glamour to display all its beauty, while in winter it becomes in a port of fisherman, where sea wolf are the owners.

In Rocha the ocean is a spectacle that invites to look inside. On the other side of the country, the Arapey and Dayman invite to immerse in the thermal waters of 38º to 45º C, a unique experience and completely revitalizing. Ideal for those who want to rest and are looking for peace and harmony, all these combined with nature and fresh air, the touristic ranch and rural or ecologic tourism is another option that this little country has to offer.
Colonia de Sacramento - Uruguay
Beaches in Uruguay

The maritime beaches of Uruguay are very different and for every taste. From peaceful and quite beaches for the ones that are looking for quietness to beaches ideal for practicing sports or fishing and surf.   There are quiet and not very deep beaches of white sand, warm and transparent water ideal for the family, while there are others that are rocky and also lonely ideal for the one who love privacy.

The coast of Uruguay can be divided in two big parts; on one side the beaches are over the Uruguay river, these beaches are quieter than the others.

On the other side, there are the beaches over the Atlantic Ocean, located on the south-east of Uruguay. These are the best beaches for the families and also for those who prefer high waves. Among the most required places to be visited when we think about beaches, we can mention, Piriapolis, the peninsula of Punta Del Este, he most exclusive resort of South America. Besides, La Paloma and La Pedrera are two wonderful oceanic resorts on the coast of Rocha.

Thermas of Uruguay in Salto and Paysandu
The Uruguayan Thermals are one of the most antique and with the most important touristic and professional structure of the region.

They have bungalows, hotels, restaurants, paddle and tennis courts, many pools of different temperatures that go from 38º C to 45ºC in Dayman Thermals, the highest temperature of thermal waters in Uruguay.

The thermals water is perfect due to its therapeutic characteristics; its capacity comes from the combination of hot and salty. Besides, it also has the Hydrothermal Dayman Complex a high level scientific and ethic institution which is known worldwide. It is a tourist attraction during the whole year, because it counts with all the comfort and attention that the tourist needs and deserves, for those who are looking for peaceful holidays or medical and curative waters. Besides, we must mention the presence of the Aquatic Acuamania Park the first park of thermal water in South America. The construction, done (by the same companies that designed the Disney Park and Wet’n Wild) on an area of 15.000 square meters, has an infrastructure of first level.
Accommodation in Uruguay. Hotels

The tourist development in Uruguay has permitted a very good offer of hotels and accommodation. In summer and carnival is necessary to book the hotels at least with a month beforehand.

It is also possible to accommodate in cottages, camping-sites, hostels, ranches and tourist farms, according to the region of the country that you are visiting.

International chain such as, Barcelo, Best Western, Days Inn, Melia, Radisson, Sheraton Four Points and Solanas, among others, offer accommodation in Montevideo, Punta del Este, Colonia del Sacramento and Dayman and Arapey Thermals. Besides, from Uruguay you can easily get to other destinies of the region.
Weather in Uruguay

Uruguay is the unique South American country all located in the template zone. The winds are originated on the Brazilian or Paraguayan territory and come here under the influence of the semi permanent anticyclone of the Atlantic and get here charged of humidity and high temperatures.

The temperature is higher up on the north due to the diminution of the latitude (from 35º to 30º). Because of the influence of the sea, the isotherms go up from SE to NW. In Montevideo the hottest month is January and the coldest is July, with an average difference of 12º C. The maximum temperatures are of nearly 15º C in winter and 32º C in summer.

The most typical winds are the North and the Pampero (from the southwest). The north wind is slightly warm and humid and determines a global increase of clouds resulting in low pressure air. The Pampero wind comes from far regions (the Pacific Ocean) and after 2 or 3 days clears the sky of clouds.

The moderated winds get to 15 km/h and sometimes there are strong ones that reach 100 km/h. Annually rains are of 1300 mm. in the country.

The month when there are less rainy days is December all along the country, more or less of 100 mm. in Artigas and 60 mm in Rocha and Maldonado.

Foggy days are frequent in winter, mainly on the south and in the center of the country. The media of humidity is of 70% and 75%. The foggiest month is July, the media in this month is of 80%, and the driest month is January, 65%.

Seasons in Uruguay

  • Summer from 21 December to 21 March
  • Autumn from 21 March to 21 June
  • Winter from 21 June to 21 September
  • Spring from 21 September to 21 December